Singles Vs. Albums

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singles vs albums heat on the street music marketing

Singles vs Albums – The Dilemma Most music consumption outlets are now focused on singles. Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, playlists, commercial radio, etc. The singles vs albums debate continues. Should artists focus on releasing stand … Read More

5 Music Industry Books You Must Read

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5 music industry books must read heat on the street music marketing

I teach my full Spotify and fanbuilding strategy inside Band Builder Academy. I’ve also developed free software that taps into the Spotify API and it will be for members only. CLICK HERE to Learn More.

How Often Should I Release Music?

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how often should i release music

I’m tackling some of your most frequently asked music marketing questions. One that often comes up is “How often should I release new music?” Streaming services are now the preferred format. So the strategy discussed … Read More