It’s 2018 – Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year. Hope you crush in 2018.

It’s been six months since Heat On The Street launched and it’s been so much fun getting to know my readers. I set out to educate musicians on various music industry topics and build a community of thoughtful musicians who want to focus on the right topics. We’re well on our way so continue to check in with the blog, open an email here and there, and keep your questions coming. Also please continue to spread the word about the blog and share with a friend.


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2017 was the culmination of many years of goal setting and preparation. This year I’m happy to say I accomplished nearly every goal I set.

First, I realized a long time goal to live abroad and moved my family to Japan where my daughter is getting the opportunity to become bilingual and to experience Japanese culture first hand. My wife was able to reconnect with her family and hometown. This doubled as a personal goal and family goal. Our plan is to return to our Los Angeles home in Spring 2019.

Then comes health. My goal was to exercise more and repair the damage that 15 years of sitting at a desk and in Los Angeles traffic can do to a body. I wanted to lose 10 pounds and feel better. I lost 15 pounds and am at my lightest weight in 20 years. Simply walking, riding a bike, and floor exercise is all it took. I feel great!

My professional goals were accomplished by taking the risk of leaving my comfort zone and steady job behind and take a leap back into entrepreneurism after 15 years. Heat On The Street allowed me to connect with you, and reminded me why I love the music business so much. Building relationships with passionate and hard working people is pure fun.

So where did I come up short? Reading 10 books a year is something I have been doing for the past three years, and I only read 5 this year. Perhaps the countless hours of reading and researching online made up the difference for the other 5 books though. I certainly learned just as much this year from reading as in previous years.

Here’s to an even better 2018. Wishing you a safe and Happy Holidays, and hope you crush it next year.


Todd McCarty

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