Doors Open! – Band Builder Academy Launched!

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Doors are Officially Open – Join Band Builder Today.

It’s been a long road to launch, but 2020 arrived, and I thought January 2nd would be the best day to kick off this academy.

Get all the details here:

The Music Industry Made Simple. 

Band Builder Academy offers step-by-step music promotion and Spotify strategy taught by Sony Music sales executive and top label manager Todd McCarty

πŸ™Œ A layout like no other. It shows musicians how to plan and launch a successful campaign utilizing a step by step Roadmap.

🎬 An extensive course library too! And new courses will be added regularly.

🎧 A Spotify strategy like no other. Zero money needed for this to work, and while paid campaigns may work for the short term, this one sustains and even grows over time.

πŸ‘Š Inside the Academy there’s an active and supportive community to help you with feedback, encouragement, and advice. I’ll be in there leading the charge!

πŸ’― Step by step training on release strategy, getting heard, social media, Spotify and more.

More details here:

Todd McCarty

2 Comments on “Doors Open! – Band Builder Academy Launched!”

  1. We are a new up and coming band from Austin, Texas called Feels Like Forever.
    We are eager to learn how to better promote ourselves. We were told to come here by a friend of ours in a band called Catch Your Breath that is showing promising results from what we have seen on their social media and streaming platforms. Looking forward to hearing from you!

    1. Hey Trevor! I am also starting up a band in Austin, TX! When we have a name i’ll let you know… (Haha). Hope to see you around πŸ™‚

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