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In my search to find the best music production podcast I came up with six that you should add to your library. Though I remain a heavy music listener, podcasts have cut into my listening time over the past several years. Podcasts are great for commuting to work, exercising, or mowing the lawn. I had a 60 to 90 minute commute to and from Sony, giving me at least two hours a day while in my car.

Podcasting is a form of broadcasting and each show has their own theme and format. Therefore I’ve included a mix of short, long, technical, and popular podcasts . Many of the hosts are industry veterans and shedding wisdom that they’ve learned over their careers. Furthermore, it’s a lot of storytelling and who doesn’t love a great story? So these podcasts are not just for engineers and aspiring producers, but for any musician who is looking to get their career to the next level.

Music Production Podcast Recommendations

  1. Unstoppable Recording Machine
  2. UBK Happy Funtime Hour
  3. Noise Creators
  4. The Home Recording Show
  5. Song Exploder
  6. Pensado’s Place

1. Unstoppable Recording Machine

unstoppable recording machine podcast best music production podcast

SYNOPSIS: This podcast tops the list because it succeeds as both a music production podcast and a music industry podcast. The chemistry of the three co-hosts makes it easy to listen to. Also you get to know their personalities after a couple episodes. The hosts are producer / engineers Joey Sturgis (Asking Alexandria, Of Mice & Men), Eyal Levi (Chelsea Grin, Monuments) and Joel Wanasek (Machine Head, Vinyl Theater). Here is a sample of the guests they’ve had on the show over the past couple years: Andrew Wade, Machine, Dan Korneff, Joey Sturgis, and Kyle Black. Non-production guests include Eric German (entertainment attorney), Misha from Periphery, Fueled By Ramen/Roadrunner A&R Johnny Minardi, and songwriter Drew Fulk.

FAVORITE EPISODE:  # 8 – Interview With a Master – Dan Korneff     


2. UBK Happy Funtime Hour

UBK happy funtime hour music production podcast heat on the street

SYNOPSIS: I discovered this podcast through Reddit. This is the music production podcast most engineers recommend. Their slogan is “Win Free Plugins, Learn to Mix, and Laugh Out Loud!” The quality is great and the format is relatively short at 30 to 50 minutes per episode. The Funtime Hour is helpful for all levels of music engineering. Each episode is filled with nuggets of wisdom. While the two hosts Greg and Nathan don’t lean on industry heavyweights, they deliver a ton of advice and tips. Listeners are drawn to them because they are clever, witty, and have a good chemistry.

FAVORITE EPISODE: #128 – “I Love Enchiladas”   



noise creators music production podcast heat on the street

SYNOPSIS: The host of this music production podcast is none other than Jesse Cannon.  He is the same author of “Get More Fans: The DIY Guide To The New Music Business”. Each episode is about an hour long and directed at musicians and aspiring audio engineers and producers. He has a great lineup of engineer guests like James Paul Wisner, Alan Duchess, Joey Sturgis. Also he invites guests from labels, booking agencies, and artist management companies. Because Jesse asks really good questions, you get some unique conversations that you wouldn’t expect. In addition, they offer a service where they will help pair you with the right producer. 

FAVORITE EPISODE: #64 – How To Choose A Record Producer w/ Johnny Minardi    


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4. The Home Recording Show

home recording show music production podcast heat on the street

SYNOPSIS: You don’t have to listen to podcasts in chronological order. I often use them as a reference and search by topic. While The Home Recording Show stopped publishing episodes in 2015, there are 250 episodes in the vault with tons of still-relevant information. This music production podcast uses a round-table discussion style. The Home Recording Show topped the list for music production podcasts while they were active. So look through the archive and find something that interests you.

FAVORITE EPISODE: #115 – Vocal Recording And Mixing Tips And More!!!  


5. Song Exploder

song exploder music production podcast heat on the street

SYNOPSIS: Song Exploder is more than a music production podcast. It’s a new way to listen and enjoy music. First of all, there are no interviews. Just the songwriter taking you through the making of recent hit songs and the stories behind them. At the time of publishing Song Exploder was #3 in the iTunes music podcast chart. Consequently, the podcast has won awards and was even hosted at the Sydney Opera House as an artist-in-residence.

It’s a highly produced podcast with a sort of NPR – This American Life vibe to it. What I like about it is each episode is short and sweet – averaging 18 minutes. Their slogan is “Where musicians take apart their songs, piece by piece, and tell the story of how they were made”. While the guests share their creative process, they reveal both the human interest story behind each song as well as technical aspects. I want to hear the stories behind your songs!

FAVORITE EPISODE: #1 – The Postal Service “The District Sleeps Alone Tonight”   


6. Pensado’s Place

pensados place music production podcast heat on the street


The hosts of this podcast – mixing engineer Dave Pensado and veteran manager Herb Trawick – typically broadcast in front of a live audience in Hollywood. This is the only video and audio podcast of the group and therefore best experienced on YouTube. There is an interview with a mixer, producer, or artist on each episode. Viewers can even look over Pensado’s shoulder while mixing in the studio in some episodes.

I recommend this podcast if you want to get in the minds of the biggest players in the music production business, many of them hit makers. Also you can use their podcast as a reference. Search their YouTube channel for specific keywords.

FAVORITE EPISODE: #80 – Mix Engineer Chris Lord-Alge 



In my quest to find the best music production podcast it seems I found six very different and unique shows. So I recommend you scan the list of episodes and pick ones that seem interesting. Add them to your queue and dive in. Maybe you’ll get hooked on one. Finally, if you think I missed any, please leave them in the comments for other readers to check out.

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