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Today’s Music Industry and Finding Your Fans

The Musicality Podcast – Episode #98


Most of you have read my articles, but I don’t think you have heard my actual voice. Do you know my path into the industry?

Christopher Sutton invited me to be a guest on Musicality Podcast here http://musl.ink/pod98

On the episode I talk about my journey from being a working musician to label executive. My story.

We also talk about:
  • My background as a professional drummer and how a pivotal audition hammered home an important lesson about the music business
  • Chris found a polite way to ask me: What’s the point of record labels these days?
  • And I reveal the one thing that musicians get absolutely backwards when it comes to getting fans

So if you’re driving, mowing the lawn, doing the dishes, or out for a walk, put this 40 minute interview on.

Musical U has been around since 2010 and has an online academy with different training modules to help musicians master their instruments. They also have an ear training app called Easy Ear Training that has helped over 1 million musicians.

After you listen, leave some comments or questions for me below. Thanks for listening!

Todd McCarty


Todd McCarty

Over the past two decades, music industry leader Todd McCarty served as GM of rock/punk indie label Fearless Records, and SVP Sales at Sony Music / Century Media. He still consults for record labels, but is actively blogging and working to educate new artists through www.heatonthestreet.com

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